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Welcome to the White Rabbit Whitelisting process for our presale. This is a process that is designed to ensure White Rabbit complies with the KYC/AML standards and to protect you as a token sale participant. Please read the following section in order to understand the steps to receive the ETH address to buy WRT Tokens.

  1. Fill out the required fields in the form which is needed for the Whitelist.
  2. White Rabbit sends a token purchase agreement via HelloSign for you to read and sign. We will never send out any agreements in any other format. All documents must be signed for you to be considered for the presale.
  3. We will send a link where you are required to provide a copy of your ID, take a selfie and do a PEP check.
  4. Once you have completed step three (3.) White Rabbit will send you our signed agreement alongside the ETH-address to purchase tokens. Please note that this final signed agreement is the only way White Rabbit will let token sale participant know the ETH-address.

Information regarding pre-sale and token sale:

Token price:
Hard Cap: US$ 10.000.000
Soft Cap: US$ 2.000.000
Total token supply: 190 000 000

Pre-sale minimum and bonus structure*
5 ETH – 10 ETH = 10% bonus
11 ETH – 20 ETH = 15% bonus
21 ETH+ = 20% bonus

Main sale (first 48 hours)* 0,05 ETH – 10 ETH = 5% bonus (minimum commitment may be adjusted pending ETH price) 11 ETH – 20 ETH = 7% bonus 21 ETH+ = 10% bonus

* May be adjusted if significant fluctuations in ETH/USD Please see token distribution and funds allocation in our Whitepaper or our light paper.