Please take time to read this information before creating your token sale profile.

What White Rabbit expects from you:

In order to have a safe and smooth experience of this token sale please do the following:

  1. Make sure that your ETH wallet is an ERC20 compatible wallet (not an exchange address)
  2. Create your account on our token sale dashboard. Please confirm your email address.
  3. Fill in your information on the profile page.
  4. We then send you a link to perform KYC/AML checks from Onfido (if needed).
  5. Only send funds once the presale starts and only when you have received a Whitelist confirmation by email. If you send your funds without these two checks, you risk losing funds. We cannot be liable for any loss of funds in such an event.
  6. Contribution address and ETH-WRT ratio will be displayed on the token sale dashboard when the token sale starts.
  7. To be #responsiblerebels like us, so jump in!

Presale ends in

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What to expect from White Rabbit

Participating in token sales can be both stressful and fun. That’s why we will be as transparent as possible throughout.

  1. No one from the White Rabbit or AmaZix team will send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus.
  1. You can always reach us or Amazix in our Telegram channel
  2. We will send you links to further KYC from our partner Onfido (if needed) as soon as we can. Due to high demand this might take some time.
  3. Once you have passed our KYC we notify you by email that you are good to go!
  4. You can always expect us to be #responsiblerebels

What to expect from the token sale

Our token sale dashboard that safely guide you through the contribution process. A few reminders:

  1. The price of the WRT=0,13 USD. The final ETH/WRT exchange ratio will be set on the day of the presale. As according to the smart contract, this can only be set once.
  2. When you log into the token sale dashboard today you will receive an email to confirm your signup. Check your spam if you don’t get one within a short time
  3. The contribution address will be displayed in the token sale dashboard once the sale starts.

Dates, Bonuses and min. contributions

Information regarding pre-sale and token sale:

Token price:
1 ETH=6080 WRT
Hard Cap: 12 500 ETH
Soft Cap: 2 500 ETH
Total token supply: 190 000 000

Pre-sale minimum and bonus structure
5 ETH – 10 ETH = 10% bonus
11 ETH – 20 ETH = 15% bonus
21 ETH+ = 20% bonus

Main sale (first 48 hours) 0,05 ETH – 10 ETH = 5% bonus

11 ETH – 20 ETH = 7% bonus

21 ETH+ = 10% bonus

Please see token distribution and funds allocation in our Whitepaper or our light paper.