White Rabbit makes films as easily accessible as music and books. We recognize content streamed and enable consumer payments directly to rights owners, wherever films and series are watched.

Any film, anywhere, any time.

The Challenges & The Opportunity

White Rabbit has identified 2 challenges to solve for the film industry to offer 1 major opportunity.

Challenge 1: Revenue

Too few filmmakers make money from digital distribution. Income is a fraction of what films once made from DVD sales. Rights holders revenue streams from streaming platforms are unsustainable and little or no data is given to those who create content.


Challenge 2: Access

Access to films should be as easy as accessing music and books. As streaming platforms produce more of their own content, access to the tens of thousands of films produced each year, and the hundreds of thousands of films from our film history, becomes more difficult.

The Opportunity: Decentralized Distribution

Films were streamed 180 BILLION times in 2019, growing 40+% in 2020. An admirable 83% of  “illegal streamers” searched legal alternatives first. If the customer is always right, then film distribution today is all wrong. Professionalizing p2p distribution is developing the largest untapped market for revenue and data.

The Solution

White Rabbit’s Portal recognizes the content being streamed anywhere, enabling users to pay rights holders directly in seconds. That means producers, directors, writers and investors will receive their share of the revenue mere seconds after someone pays for a stream. By separating distribution from payment, White Rabbit offers one payment and search system to all the films available on the world wide web.

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